An International Multidisciplinary Research Journal

Research and Publication Ethics

The studies to be submitted must have been authorized by an appropriate ethical committee when relevant, and the authors should provide a statement outlining this approval within the article text, including the name of the ethics body. The research subject's identity should be kept anonymous. Informed consent to participate in a study involving human beings must be obtained from participants (or their legal guardians). Succinctly, the ethical considerations followed by the researcher/s should be stated in the paper.

In terms of publication ethics, the author/s must see to it that the paper/s are their original work. Plagiarism, duplication, data fabrication and falsification, and redundant/double/partial publications are prohibited. If the authors have used the work and/or words of others, they must guarantee that their work and/or words are properly cited or referenced. All sources used in the construction of their manuscripts must be quoted and identified. It is the author's responsibility to swiftly contact the Journal if he or she discovers a serious error or inaccuracy in his or her own published work. Any conflicts of interest must be disclosed to the Editorial Board.