An International Multidisciplinary Research Journal

Peer Review Process

In the review of submitted researches, researchers are assured that that the process is rigorous and fair. The review process may take a month or two. Notably, the review process shall be double-blind peer review process to ensure the partiality and integrity of it. Following are the editorial processes that shall be followed:

  1. The Editorial Board (EB) will announce the call for submission and the deadlines of submission through the website of Dawa.
  2. The author submits the research manuscript following the paper format of the journal.
  3. The EB through its Editor-in-Chief (EIC) or Associate Editors determines if the submitted paper is within the foci and scopes of the journal.
  4. If the submitted research is suitable for the journal, a notice of acceptance shall be sent to the author through his/her email. If the paper is not within the foci and scopes of the journal, a notice shall be sent to the author.
  5. The submitted research must cite at least three (3) authors from previously published articles of the Dawa
  6. The accepted paper will be sent to two or three reviewers/referees.
  7. The reviewers/referees will send their comments/reviews/suggestions/perusal to the EIC.
  8. Through the sent evaluation of the reviewers/referees, the EIC will decide if the paper will be considered for publication or not.
  9. The EB decision will be communicated to the authors within a month or two.
  10. If the research paper is found worthy of publication, the author shall integrate the corrections, comments, or suggestions of the EB for one or two weeks.
  11. The author shall submit the edited paper to the designated email or link.
  12. If there are corrections, the paper will be returned to the author for rectification. If there are no corrections, the author will be asked to pay the publication charge, and submit proof of publication to the designated link or email.
  13. Certificate of Publication shall be sent to the author if the paper is already published.